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New Members Group

Welcome to the Templar Corps International. This is the Group that welcomes all new members and a gateway to explore our site, resources and network.

We will have a ZOOM welcome call for every new members since September 1st. The Conference link will be sent to you shortly. It will take place  December 21st, at 10pm CET | 4pm EST | 1pm PST

1. Housekeeping Information

With your new membership you get your own PROFILE and you can access exclusive areas in the Templar Corps website, join discussion Groups, post your thoughts on your own Blog area, connect with Friends on the network from all over the world and share photos and thoughts with everyone.

Please download the Manual from the MANUALS area of the site. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact

Now you can complete your profile here. Tell us about yourself.

2. Spotlight: The Global Forum

One of the mos interesting features of the Templar Corps membership is the ability to learn and communicate with like minded members from all over the world, unite and contribute to the discussions that may make a difference.

Every month the GLOBAL FORUM brings together leading specialists with the Templar Corps community to discuss an important topic for our local work. We have had participants from more than 20 countries and 4 continents. Participation is free and we encourage you to join the next Forum. Just look at the topics and calendar on the Forum page. You can also download Reports with a summary of previous discussions.

MEDIA WATCH: Take a look at our curated list of current media links covering the topics treated in the Global Forum. A great way to get the best most accurate information and prepare to help Templar Corps Intenational initiaves.

3. Highlights: On Demand and The Academy 

Exclusive content for members is available. There are two On Demand sections that you can enjoy.

The On Demand Free section is under the Resource folder of the main menu, with content destined to all visitors of the site.  There you will find some of our latest videos, publications and podcasts.

The Exclusive Content On Demand is under the Members folder of the main menu and it’s only accessible to logged on members. It has a growing list of the best content related to the Templars, Medieval topics, History, academic subjects relevant the the Templar Corps work, etc.  It currently has over 20 hours of the best curated content. Be sure to watch it and come back for more!

THE ACADEMY is one of the fastest growing areas of the Templar Corps website. A partnership with Sigillum Templi, the leading Spanish speaking Templar study club and the participation of well known Templar researchers, authors and authorities, has created a set of Study Courses and Training programs that will roll out during the next few months. Don’t waste the opportunity to learn and open your mind to a fantastic new world.

4. Getting Involved

The list of AFFILIATED AND SUPPORTED PROJECTS can help you decide how to get involved. You can also take a look at the latest news on Porjects.

Every month we are adding new Projects in new cities. If you cannot find a Project near you, if you are interested to participate you can offer your help at a distance (there are many tasks that are being performed remotely, such as advisory, research, content production and text writing, translation work, communication, planning, etc.) or you can contact the Project Manager or Outpost and offer to travel and help first hand. Voluntary work is a great way to travel the world and meet new friends!

Please, do take a look at all Projects and send your suggestions and requests to

5. Take a short Quiz!

Now that you are a member, we invite you to take a short Quiz. Just for fun!


A Word From our Members

These are a few of the comments on our Academy courses:

•    Antonio Espinosa: “A real luxury to have people who contribute so much and so good. Thank you!”

•    Ignis Calafia “Excellent presentation”

•    Sonya Sorensen: “I loved being able to attend and learn so much .”


Get involved in all Templar Corps events. We’re waiting for you.

Castro Marim, Portugal: Conference about the 700 years of the Order of Christ, with a presentation on the only documented continuity of the Order, including the relevant Papal bulls.

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