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Our fellow member Andrew Foster from Australia just reminded me of that pilgrimage in 2004 to Santiago de Compostella! What a great memory! Welcome Andrew, we are destined to do great things. Our greetings to everyone in Australia!

Austin Family Creates Nonprofit to Give Those Experiencing Homelessness a Voice
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AUSTIN, Texas – Dusty Monroe is no stranger to adversity. At 6 years old he says he was removed from an abusive household, placed in a children’s hospital, and moved to a foster home before finally being adopted by extended family. Almost three decades later, in August of 2020, he was diagnosed with a brain …

Love your lives and live it with Charity in your heart always and to be ready to stand against the evil day for it is here
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my name is James McCrady I live in Glasgow KentuckyI am a former heavy equipment operator and heavy equipment mechanic welder and fuser it’s nice to have all of you new friends that are  Templars may God Almighty blessed each and every one of you and your families in Jesus name I ask

Serviço, Honra e Conhecimento
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Quem demanda pela Ordem de Cavalaria e sente no mais profundo âmago do seu Ser, um desejo avassalador de se cumprir, tem um longo e árduo Caminho a percorrer. Esse Caminho pode ser feito de Devir antes deste se tornar Dever. Devir : tudo o que é Desejar, Gostar e Prazer – não falo de …

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  Dear Brothers and Sisters, Knights and Ladies, Elders in the Templar Faith ; we of theTemplar Corps, gathered around our spiritual Mission, we, very dedicated to the cause of the man ! For several centuries, men with greats hearts, have joined together to create groups, associations, organizations with a purely humanitarian vocation. Those texts …

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Templar Corps Signs Protocol with Sigillum Templi, main Spanish speaking Templar study club
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The Templar Corps International ( – Academy has signed a Protocol with Sigillum Templi the largest and most important Spanish speaking Templar research club. The first joint initiative is an online Study Course in Spanish about the Order of the Temple, starting the 25th of July. In a short interview, Victor Padilla Nieto, Administrador General, gives us …

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