The Secular Templar Order

Modern times require modern methods.

There is a deep spiritual vein running in every Templar arm. The call for introspection and awareness of our role in the world, beyond what is immediately visible, is strong. Inspiring characters from Templar history make us hope we may dedicate more of our lives to the service of the Order.

However, not everyone is ready to abandon everything for a cause. In fact, in most cases it’s not even advisable. It’s possible to integrate Templar ethics and ideals in a current active modern life. It could very well be argued that these ideals should live in the world through our life in the world.

Ours are the hands that God uses to transform the world.

For all those passionate about the Templars, those who look to draw inspiration from the Order and use it in their own daily lives, their jobs, their personal studies, with their families, without “leaving the world” the Secular Militant Order of the Temple of Jerusalem Universal has prepared the way.


The Secular Templar Order works in the same way as the OSMTHU (Sovereign) and under its protection, with the same international leadership and structure. However, Knights and Dames of the OSMTHU (Sovereign) are Professed Knights: that means that they profess and renew their Christian vows over a long two day ceremony and commit to dedicate a part of their life and resources to the Order, under a more strict code of conduct and observance, based on the medieval Templar Rule. It’s within this framework that the sacrament of chivalry is given.

The preparation for Profession may take up to two years.

The Secular Templar Order simplifies the procedure, while the transmission of chivalry is kept as pristine and sacred as in a Profession, the ceremony itself focus on the Adoubement (or Accolade), based on the ancient tradition of the Armement, the ritual act of “giving arms”.

The new Knight or Dame commits to follow the Templar Code and becomes a full member of the Order, free to network and visit Grand Priories, Commanderies and other Templars anywhere in the world. By becoming a Secular Knight or Dame an automatic equivalence is given in the Templar Corps International, that of the rank of Knight Capitain.

The preparation for Armement takes on average 3 months.