Templar Corps FAQ

Is the Templar Corps a Templar Order?

No. The Templar Corps is a Service Corps that serves all branches of the Templar Order in the world. It is, however, an independent body. Most of its members are serving members in Templar Grand Priories and Priories in many countries, under different Templar structures and lineages, but the Corps also has many members that are not affiliated with the Templars.

Why do Templars join the Templar Corps besides being members of their Orders?

The Templar Corps is an organized international structure that puts into practice the values and commitments of a true 21st century Knight or Dame. Most Templar work is symbolic. It motivates their members to go into the real world and create projects that engage real world issues. Poverty, relief and aid. Culture, the arts and education. Local community service to the needed, traditional crafts and that unique Templar leadership. The Corps is a way to live the Templar life today. In a world where each one makes a difference.

Why should I join?

If you consider that you can serve your fellow man and woman, if you want to test your faith and will to love, in the real world, if you want to make a difference and help change the planet with action and deeds, rather than just nice words and unmaterialized intentions, then the Templar Corps is for you.

What will I gain from being in the Corps?

You stand to gain experience and knowledge. Although knowledge is available on books and by means of research (that you can also conduct in the Templar Corps), experience is rather more difficult to attain. It only comes when you are willing to get your hands dirty and sweat it out alongside like-minded fellows on the pursuit of shared goals. In the Corps we have a large rang of Projects that you can get involved in, all over the world. For some of them you may even volunteer to perform long distance tasks, such as supporting the Project with writing, creating digital art, curating the Social Media presence, authoring an official blog, help with management tools, reports, research and documentation. There are many ways to get involved. Just don’t stand on the sideline!

Is it just about Charity and Relief?

Charity is not “just” Charity, nor Relief is “just” Relief. Getting involved in other people’s misfortunes as a Templar idealist means that you must engage suffering from the right perspective. You are not a Templar in shiny armor riding a tall horse that bestowes the blessing of food or water upon the masses. Templars follow the example of Saint Martin. On the road to Rome he saw a poor man freezing and dying of hunger. He step down from his horse and kneeled by the man, ripping his own mantle in two and giving him half of it to cover his almost naked body. The important element to retain here is that he step down from his horse and kneeled. He descended from his elevated position and came down to where he could look the man in the eyes. Face to face. So, Charity and Relief are very serious endeavors that have to be done on the same level as we find those we want to help. All manner of pride, self aggrandizement, self-entitlement and a sense of superiority must be replaced by true humility and compassion. Then Charity and Relief are regenerating forces.

Sorry, I wanted to know if there are other ways if getting involved?

Yes. The Projects undertaken by the Templar Corps are of many different natures and cover a wide range of subjects. Most of those interested in the Templars love history and philosophy. There are quite a few Research Projects on these areas that you might find interesting and want to get involved with. Many also have a passion for ritual and the liturgical side of the Order. We support a growing list of Templar Events, Celebrations, Congresses and Conferences that you can attend or help to organize. The Corps has protocols with a number of Museums, Interpretation Centers, Templar Historical Locations and other places you can visit where you can also volunteer and get involved. There is a close relationship with the Way of Santiago, where you can find Outposts along the several routs. You can also complement your travel arrangements by contacting fellow Corps members in the places you will visit where they can provide help on visiting routs, of the grid Templar related monuments, must-see churches and castles, etc. More information here.

What are the sources of funds of the Templar Corps?

The Templar Corps is a subscription-based organization and the most part of the annual budget comes from our associates annual dues. An online shop is being set up to support a few of the Projects managed by the Officina Templi – Feytorias. We also receive donations in general and donations directed to specific Projects we support. In the pages related to each Project information about the funding and spending can be found. We adhere to the international standards in terms of KPI’s, auditing and transparency.

I want to create a Project for the Templar Corps. How can I do that?

Send us the Project details to projects@templarcorps.org with full details and we will contact you back.

What is you position on the current dispute in [a determined Templar Order]?

The Templar Corps is not a Templar Order. For that reason the Corps has no position or opinion on any internal matter of any Templar structure. Members of the Templar Corps that are also members of Templar Orders are autonomous in their Corps membership. Any change in status in their original Order does not affect status in the Corps and vice-versa.

What Templar Order do you recognize?

The Templar Corps accepts members of all branches of all Orders that claim a Templar inspiration or descent without discrimination. The Corps is independent and autonomous so it doesn’t request to its members to leave any of the Orders they might be members of. The Corps, however, holds signed protocols of cooperation with some of the branches of the Templar Order that are closer to our practices and objectives. At this stage, these are:

+ Secular Templar Order


+ OSMTJ – Haimovici-Hastier Regency

It’s possible that other are added along the next few months.

What is your position on Freemasonry?

The Templar Corps has no position on any Order, Templar or otherwise. That includes Freemasonry. Since the Corps is autonomous, it is composed of man and woman of all backgrounds and all nations. Freemasonry – or any other – membership is not required or checked to become a member.