The Call …


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Knights and Ladies, Elders in the Templar Faith ; we of theTemplar Corps, gathered around our spiritual Mission, we, very dedicated to the cause of the man ! For several centuries, men with greats hearts, have joined together to create groups, associations, organizations with a purely humanitarian vocation. Those texts of constitution of each branch of the Templar’s Order, have always given, as duties to all the Knights and Ladies, to regroup, organised themselves to work for the well-being of the World on the plans of: Safe, Education, social economic and cultural.

Faced with the escalation of the Social and humanitarian crisis and the violence that has raged for decades in the world; Faced with the disparity of basic humanitarian principles; Given the increase in the suffering of children, who are nevertheless considered as the future of each Nation.

Faced with the deterioration of morals and, where appropriate, the corruption of childhood, which develop particularly. Given our original mission, “none for us” can refrain from renewing our oath and stand up to fight the dehumanization and especially the attack on life and indifference characteristic of the Man of the 21st century. It is indeed imperative, but also, honorable, for the knights and ladies, Templars, to rise, as at the time of the crusades, and protect humanity, securing the future of children and others needed.

Faced with a catastrophic humanitarian crisis against childhood, adolescence and poorest or vulnerable people, the Knights Templars want, need and can set up help and support measures.

We must get to work and how

Like the hospitables houses and castles in which were installed Templars Commanderies, guarantors of the hospitality of the Templars of Jerusalem throughout the West and several countries in the world, The Initiative Templar Corps International inspired by our brothers of The OSMTHU, like the project “LA CENTRALE DES ŒUVRES TEMPLIERES POUR L’ENFANCE” (Central Templars’s Works for Children), abbreviated “LA COTE”, whose conception and realization are at the heart of the OSMTJ Humanitarian Mission in Africa based in Cameroon, can partly help, a prompt and permanent presence of Templars at the great Humanitarian table of the World. So, Let us help poor to find, peace, justice, education, health but above all … a life in our Castle: Our Heart . by taking to heart the projects and initiatives that are set up by the management of TCI but above all let us be the first actors of this great challenge which is not new for the Knights Templar that we have always remained over time and  space.  Let’s be in charge again for the fate of humanity which is in a new identity crisis.  Let us be the Soldiers of Peace in the World as our destiny has always been since ancient Jerusalem since Godfrey and his Eight Brothers.

For always remember that we made this promise to him: “not for us, but to his name be the Glory”

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