Welcome all new members of the…

Welcome all new members of the Templar Corps International. This platform is intended to be a world network of like minded people, ready and willing to serve.

We have Projects in many areas and if you don’t find anything in your region or any subject that really interests you, you can contact the Secretary (secretary@templarcorps.org) and tell us about it. Why not start your own TCI Project?

There is a great emphasis on helping others through humanitarian and relief efforts. However, bringing back to light Templar history and reviving the memory about Spiritual Chivalry and the most fundamental Templar values is also of merit.

So, there are a wide range of subject areas and ways to make your mark and learn about  the Order by serving others. Research, written work, arts and crafts, etc., etc.

We count on you!

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  1. Brothers and Sisters in the Templar faith, Pax Vobiscum. Receive greetings from your Templar brothers and sisters from the Templar Humanitarian Mission for Africa based in Cameroon. We have arrived at the moment when we must silence our selfishness our divisions and give to the world what we have been destined to offer it: joy, peace, Life. and remember it’s not for us that we do it. Solidarity, a Templar union for the survival of the world and of history is necessary and each of us must bring a stone to the construction of this new century under the banner of a body of humanitarian soldiers that we have always been under the banner of Christ. the Templiere banner. nnDnn

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