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The Templar Cooperation Council is the advisory body to the Templar Corps International in all matters related to Templar Cooperation. Membership is b...
UNICEF, WHO Release State Of The World’s Sanitation Report Nov 19, 2020
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The world is alarmingly off-track in delivering sanitation for all by 2030, according to the State of the World’s Sanitation report, released on this year’s World Toilet Day by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). Despite progress over the past two decades, toilets at home, workplaces, schools, and hospitals are still far out-of-reach for …

In Memoriam 2020
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II International Conference – Spiritual Chivalry
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Portuguese TV report on the Templar Corps and the OSMTH annual national chapter
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OSMTHU awarded the Bandarra Grand Cross for Templar Corps International initiative
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The OSMTHU, a branch of the Templar Order dating back to the early XIX century, was awarded the Bandarra Grand Cross this Saturday for the Templar Corps International initiative in recognition of “relevant services (…) on behalf of Mankind”. The award was created by the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Portugal under Grand Master João Pestana Dias, as a …

Executive Head of the Templar Corps interviewed for History Channel Documentary
3 months ago 2 Comments

The production and filming of a new documentary on “The Civilization of Fear” for the History Channel is currently under way. This week the filming crew landed in Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal, where the Portuguese Hermetic Museum was a graceful host for a day long recording session. The documentary explores the many faces of …

Powder Milk Bank in São Tomé e Príncipe and Betânia House
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We would like to share the following message from Frei Fernando ventura o behalf of the Powder Milk Bank of São Tomé e Principe, a work that we support. Economic situation of Banco de Leite de STP and Casa Betânia on Ilha do Príncipe Betânia House – 174,000 euros to go Banco de Leite (in …

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OSMTHU Elections – Results Now Out
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Results for the OSMTHU Electoral Procedure have been certified and are now out. Master Antonio Paris is confirmed for a new term with a new Magisterial Council. The elections took place between May and July 2020 and the Master and Magisterial Council will be invested in office in October. This is the composition of the …