International Conference

II International Conference – Spiritual Chivalry, October 2020

This is the information page for the International Conference that takes place in Vila Nova da Barquinha (Almourol), Portugal, in accordance to the Protocol signed in October 2019 between the Municipality, the OSMTHU and the OSMTJ.

In 2020 the Conference will take place online between October 13 and November 18.

For more details visit the official web page.

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I International Conference – Templars and Templarism, October 2019


VN Barquinha celebrates protocol with Templar order that will make CITA the “world’s most important repository on the Order of the Temple”


I International Conference of the Temple, Spiritual Chivalry and Templarism in Almourol available in video (full lenght, all conferences and visits, 9h30m)