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Here you can find pdf copies of many Templar related books, studies and manuscripts.

Entries are listed under broad theme headings, the following way: First you’ll see new additions, then you’ll see items organized by language listed in alphabetic order of title. The format is [Language], [Title], [Author], [Date], [References], [Tags].

Our collection is growing and many new items will be added as we go. So, be sure to check back often.

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“A Chronology of the Central Middle Ages” compiled by Richard Abels, 2009, [Chronology], [Middle Ages], [Chivalry], [Faith], *** [NEW]***

Charity and Hospitality in Military Orders“, Helen Nicholson, Cardiff University, in Isabel Cristina Ferreira Fernandes (Coord.), “As Ordens Militares. Freires, Guerreiros, Cavaleiros. Actas do VI Encontro sobre Ordens Militares”, Vol. 1, GEsOS / Município de Palmela, Palmela, 2012., [Chariry], [Military Orders], [Chivalry], [Middle Ages], *** [NEW]***

Commemorations of crusaders in the manuscripts of the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem“, Mamuka Tsurtsumia, Journal of Medieval History, 2012, [Monastery of the Holy Cross]; [Jerusalem]; [crusaders]; [Templars]; [military orders]; [Eastern Christianity], *** [NEW]***


“A Charola de Tomar – Estratégias de Conservação da Pintura Mural” (excerto), Jorge Gabriel Henriques, Faculdade de Letras, Lisboa, 2000, [Charola], [Convento de Cristo], [Tomar], [Ordem de Cristo], [Restauro] *** [NEW]***

THE ORDER – 1118 – 1307


A tale of the Wexford Knight Templars and their medieval settlements at Kilcloggan and Templetown, Hook Head, Co Wexford“, Dolores M Kearney, University College Dublin, n.d., [Templars], [Order of the Temple], [Ireland] *** [NEW]***


Los Templários y la Corona de Aragón“, Francisco de Moxó y Montoliu, Universidad Complutense, El Escorial, 1990, [Templarios], [Orden del Temple], [Reyno de Aragón] *** [NEW]***


A Ordem do Templo em Portugal – Das Origens à Extinção“, Maria Cristina Ribeiro de Sousa fernandes, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, 2009, [Templários], [Ordem do Templo], [Portugal] *** [NEW]***

THE ORDER – 1307 – 1314 (THE PROCESS)


“A Heresy of State: Philip the Fair, the Trial of the “Perfidious Templars”, and the Pontificalization of the French Monarchy”, Julien Théry, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier III, 2013, [Templars], [Order of the Temple], [Process], [Philip the Fair], [Prison of the Templars], [Jacques de Molay] *** [NEW]***




“Crónica D’El-Rei D. Diniz” (excerto: “Capítulo XV – Do fundamento que teve a Ordem do Templo de Salomão em Jesrusalém, e como foi desfeita, e se fez a Ordem de Cristo”), Ruy de Pina, Lisboa, circa 1500, edição “Escriptorio” de Lisboa, 1912 [Dom Diniz], [Ordem de Cristo], [Ordem do Templo] *** [NEW]***


OSMTH – Fontes branch


“Statuts MCMXC” (sic), Internal Statutes, Fernando Pinto Pereira de Sousa Fontes, Porto, 2008, [Statutes], [Magnum Magisterium] *** [NEW]***