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You can find here the latest news and debates from around the world covering Global Forum discussion topics. These links are curated by the Global Forum of the Templar Corps International and are intended to help our members get solid, relevant background information and help then prepare their service in the framework of TCI‘s projects.





The pandemic has made homelessness more visible in many American cities


Taking early action is key to preventing homelessness, according to this Scottish report

UK homeless deaths rise by more than a third in a year, study finds

States Fail to Prioritize Homeless People for Vaccines

Four graphs showing the state of homelessness in England



What it’s like on Newcastle’s homelessness frontline during Covid-19 pandemic

Austin Family Creates Nonprofit to Give Those Experiencing Homelessness a Voice

90,000 London children to be homeless this Christmas, London Councils warn


‘We must act fast to tackle homelessness’

Homelessness Crisis: Begging, beaten and robbed – the dangers of living rough on the streets

Homelessness spike driven by single adults needing help, new official figures reveal

Black people disproportionately affected by homelessness, new data shows


Rise in families experiencing homelessness could indicate more economic trouble

St. Paul man doles out supplies from bus at encampments to ‘lessen the impact of homelessness’

As Anchorage struggles with homelessness, outdoor deaths occur regularly — but with little public notice

Petition calls for homeless support to adopt Finland’s Housing First project

The Number of Homeless People is About to Skyrocket


Homelessness statistics

Homelessness in Britain is about to get much worse

Can we prevent a surge in pandemic-related homelessness?

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on homelessness

Rock Trust’s Housing First for Youth project helps young people facing homelessness

Homelessness cannot be just another ‘Fact of Life’ in the EU




Information Bulletin: Turkey Wildfires

Putin orders reinforcements to fight Siberia wildfires


Cape Town wildfires: Here’s how you can help


Uncovering Patterns in California’s Blazing Wildfires

One year since Australia’s devastating wildfires, anger grows at climate change ‘inaction’

Wildfire safety tips



Southern California wildfire burning out of control — and will for days to come


Colorado’s largest-ever fire brings new round of evacuations

‘Total destruction’: why fires are tearing across South America

How the U.S. battles forest fires and why more innovation is desperately needed

At least nine killed as forest fires rage in eastern Ukraine

Paraguay Declares State of Emergency as Forest Fires Rage


Forest fires devastate Brazil’s Pantanal tropical wetlands

Forest fires in India

‘One day forest fires, the next day snow’: Montana residents capture wild temperature change

150 million dead trees could fuel unprecedented firestorms in the Sierra Nevada

Brazil: Alarming number of new forest fires detected ahead of Amazon Day

Mojave Desert fire in August destroyed the heart of a beloved Joshua tree forest

‘Firestorm’: one California family had seen wildfires before – but not like this

Wildfires Have Burned Colorado’s Iconic Forests. Because Of Climate Change, Some Won’t Grow Back The Same

California wildfires leave ‘extensive’ burn scars, containment grows

Wildfires ravage parts of Greece, Spain and Italy – forcing thousands to evacuate their homes


California wildfires: more storms feared as huge blazes burn on

See where the wildfires are burning in California

Highway remains closed as crews battle Arizona wildfires

Why wildfires are everyone’s problem


Giving birth to a poverty-free world

Poverty at Root of South Africa Violence and Looting: Analyst

Poverty and fragility: Where will the poor live in 2030?

World Bank warns of COVID impacts on global poverty

Price of a pandemic: Poverty spreads around the globe

AFRICA Poverty Report (United Nations – 2016)

Poverty in Africa

Ending global poverty

The World’s Poorest Children Haven’t Learned Anything During Lockdown: Survey

Africa: More poverty despite economic growth

Digitizing supply chains to lift farmers out of poverty

Globally, pandemic will push 47 million more women and girls into poverty




Humanitarian Aid in the COVID-19 Pandemic


Covid vaccines cut risk of serious illness by 80%



Covid-19 vaccine: First person receives Pfizer jab in UK

Matt Hancock urges Londoners to ‘stick to the rules’ as Covid cases rise


Covid-19: Firms warn of ‘catastrophic’ impact of new coronavirus rules

COVID-19: Oxford University developing five-minute antigen test

London lockdown fears as Sadiq Khan warns capital at ‘tipping point’ – decision in days


Coronavirus: WHO says weekly cases in Europe eclipse March peak

Coronavirus: Cases in France leap past 10,000 a day

AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine clinical trials resume in U.K. after pause over safety concerns

Coronavirus: What is the R number and how is it calculated?

Coronavirus: dozens of schools in England and Wales report outbreaks

German finance watchdog says worst of coronavirus crisis to come

Here’s how international travel has suffered during the pandemic


Seven months later, what we know about Covid-19 — and the pressing questions that remain

Why do Covid fatalities remain low when infection numbers are rising?

Safe ways for your kids to socialize during COVID-19

How South Korea’s evangelical churches found themselves at the heart of the Covid crisis

COVID-19 treatments: What’s taking the clinical trials so long?

Clinical trials of monoclonal antibodies to prevent COVID-19 now enrolling