OSMTHU awarded the Bandarra Grand Cross for Templar Corps International initiative

The OSMTHU, a branch of the Templar Order dating back to the early XIX century, was awarded the Bandarra Grand Cross this Saturday for the Templar Corps International initiative in recognition of “relevant services (…) on behalf of Mankind”.

The award was created by the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Portugal under Grand Master João Pestana Dias, as a way of recognizing non-masonic entities that excel in their work on humanitarian, charitable and philanthropic mission based projects. With a strong focus on the historical and philosophical Portuguese Tradition – that includes a 900+ years old association with the Order of the Temple and the world changing XV century endeavor of Discoveries planned and executed by the Order of Christ – the Sovereign GL bases most of their liturgical work on the Portuguese Rite, a re-work of the Scottish Rite blue degrees re-framed around Lusitanian mythological themes. The very name of the award, Bandarra, refers to a XVI century shoemaker who was famous for composing a set of messianic verse prophecies about the end times and the coming of a new age of peace and brotherly love blessed by the Holy Spirit. The motto of the award is in fact “Ens Gemma”, that could be translated as “[the future] being [or entity] [already present] in the egg”, as explained by XX century poet Fernando Pessoa.

Contacted by the Templar Globe, Luis de Matos, Chancellor of the OSMTHU expressed his surprise for the award. “We are only at the start of this ambitious and transforming project”, he said. “It’s very encouraging for everyone in the Order and to all hard working members of the Templar Corps International when our efforts don’t go unnoticed. We hope to be a center for international cooperation and effective work, since, as it’s often said, words are all worn out, now what we need is action. Acta non verba.”

Executive Head of the Templar Corps interviewed for History Channel Documentary

The production and filming of a new documentary on “The Civilization of Fear” for the History Channel is currently under way. This week the filming crew landed in Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal, where the Portuguese Hermetic Museum was a graceful host for a day long recording session.

The documentary explores the many faces of fear, how it influenced the development of civilization, how it has been used in social, political and religious manipulation and control, how it manifests in every day life and how the future and all the uncertainties of a distopic technological world dominated by algorithms and non-human “intelligence” may become a living nightmare.

Luis de Matos, Executive Head of the Templar Corps spoke about the element of fear in the Middle Ages and how Chivalry traditionally distinguishes between fear and awe, both important for the understanding of the Templars in their crusader context. Professionally linked to technology development, he also made a few remarks on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Web and how Social Media captures user’s attentions and turns it into a commodity.

Prof. Manuel J. Gandra, Director of the Portuguese Hermetic Museum and João Pestana Dias, Grand Master of the Portuguese Sovereign Grand Lodge were also interviewed and gave very insightful and provocative testimony on the theme.

The Templar Corps would like to acknowledge the essential role of member Francisco Mourão Corrêa in organizing the event.


Powder Milk Bank in São Tomé e Príncipe and Betânia House

We would like to share the following message from Frei Fernando ventura o behalf of the Powder Milk Bank of São Tomé e Principe, a work that we support.

Economic situation of Banco de Leite de STP and Casa Betânia on Ilha do Príncipe

Betânia House – 174,000 euros to go
Banco de Leite (in cash) – 5,827.27 Euros (lasts for almost 2 months)

Associação Amparo da Criança / Banco de Leite
NIB: 0036 0095 9910 0069 939 53

The times we live in is full of difficulties. Unfortunately, it tends to get worse. If all the good promises made to Casa Betânia had been fulfilled … it would have been in operation for a long time.

The promises of the poor have never been lacking, so we continue, with the certainty that Casa Betânia will be a reality and that we will be able to continue to supply milk and food as we have hitherto, in a total of close to 25 tons per year. Each month there are 1200 kg of powdered milk for a total of 3,060 euros.

Our thanks to everyone.

For detailed information: geral@bancodeleite.pt

When donating, we appreciate the favor of specifying whether it’s destined for Banco de Leite or Casa Betânia by email geral@bancodeleite.pt

OSMTHU Elections – Results Now Out

Results for the OSMTHU Electoral Procedure have been certified and are now out. Master Antonio Paris is confirmed for a new term with a new Magisterial Council.

The elections took place between May and July 2020 and the Master and Magisterial Council will be invested in office in October.

This is the composition of the new Master and Council for the period 2020 – 2025:

Master – Fr+ Antonio Paris

Chancellor – Fr+ Luis de Matos
Seneschal – Fr+ José Miguel Navarro, Spain
Cabinet Secretary:  S+ Patricia Oyarzun, Spain
Treasurer – Fr+ Valter Tacconi, Italy
Chaplain – Fr+ Luis Fonseca, Mons. Christophorus de Lusignan, Portugal
Visitor for Latin America – Fr+ Francesco Cavalli, Colombia
Advisor – Fr+ Vinko Lisec, Croatia
Advisor – Fr+ Vincenzo Tuccillo, Bolivia
Advisor – John von Blauch, United States of America

Since 1999, with the election of I Master HE Fernando de Toro-Garland, the OSMTHU follows a rigorous protocol when it comes to voting and certifying the election. By retaining the services of an independent auditor, the Order ensures transparency and fairness in the proceedings and fully certified results.

You can download the certification of the present election here.

II International Conference Confirmed for October 2020

In a meeting in Almourol / Vila Nova da Barquinha this week, the local municipality confirmed the final dates for the II Conference “Order of the Temple – Spiritual Chivalry and Templarism”. Taking place at the Templar Interpretation Center (CITA) in Almourol , Portugal, the International Conference follows the groundbreaking event that joined together in Barquinha experts from all over the world and different branches of the Order in October 2019.

The current COVID19 pandemic has severely disrupted traveling plans and large events. Because of that, it was decided that the Conference will have an opening session on October 13 for a limited number of invited guests, when a new exhibition will be inaugurated in the Interpretation Center, followed the 17 and 18 of October by a mixed online and live event from the auditorium in Barquinha, Portugal.

The full Program will be available soon. If you are interested in attending online (free), please send us an email to conference@templarcorps.org or stay in touch with these pages.

Templar Corps Signs Protocol with Sigillum Templi, main Spanish speaking Templar study club

The Templar Corps International (templarcorps.org) – Academy has signed a Protocol with Sigillum Templi the largest and most important Spanish speaking Templar research club. The first joint initiative is an online Study Course in Spanish about the Order of the Temple, starting the 25th of July.

In a short interview, Victor Padilla Nieto, Administrador General, gives us an idea of what we can expect from this collaboration.

TEMPLAR GLOBE: Victor, tell us about Sigilum Templi, how old it is and what kind of research or investigation you have published?

VICTOR PADILLA NIETO: Sigillum temple is a project created in 2015 by a multidisciplinary group that
studies History, mainly in the period of the historical Order of the Temple. This involves a series of lines of research to understand and subsequently disclose the environment where the Poor Companions of Christ appeared and their heritage.

TG: How can we join Sigilum Templi?

VPN: We have different ways of making this work available: a very dynamic Facebook page , a Medieval blog with more than 1500 entries, a radio program program that investigates the Hidden Keys to History and a website where research can be shared and with a private area for members.

TG: Is there a bulletin or magazine to subscribe?

VPN: Yes. For a few months now we have had two types of publications. A free and digital one called Cartularium Templi, which is published in PDF and distributed via Facebook and the web, and another under annual subscription, the Codice Sigillum, printed in full color with about 100 pages, authored by the most prestigious columnists and connoisseurs of the Middle Ages in general and of the Order of the Temple in particular.

TG: How important is the history of the Templars in the context of the Reconquista?

VPN: The importance of the reconquest in the Iberian peninsula by the order of the Temple is vital. The different peninsular Christian kingdoms cannot be conceived without their help. Mallorca, Valencia, Murcia, Seville, Algarve, among many others, are territories won by the Temple to the different kingdoms mentioned. Their participation in the conquest of Calatrava the old and the unequivocal victory in the Navas de Tolosa in which the chronicles highlight the Knights Templar as the most fearless.

TG: What motivates this partnership with Templar Corps?

VPN: The main reason for this association with Templar Corps is to be able to spread the story without dogmatism. Templar Corps is endorsed by a team of freethinkers that differentiates them from most entities with other, more or less, purposes with an agenda. Both Sigillum Templi and the Templar Corps are self-sufficient and independent entities.

TG: What can a student of this Course expect to learn?

VPN: In this Course, students will become fully aware of the vital importance of the Order in the Iberian Peninsula, and not only this, but they will also learn basic esoteric knowledge to understand the reason for many of their actions and the meaning behind them.

TG: Are science, art, architecture, knowledge and Templar spirituality relevant today or is it just a nostalgic reminder of the past?

VPN: Of course they are important. Nothing to do with nostalgia for the past. Templar iconography reveals to the initiate a path to esotericism. The sacred geometry applied to constructions has been increasingly valued with the application of new technologies of the 21st century. The organization of the Commanderies is a milestone in the Middle Ages. Food is regulated and applied with notions of dietetics and food hygiene… In summary, the continuity that ensures that the Order of the Temple is part of the Great Ancestral Tradition, shows the enormous knowledge that has been transmitted to all and for all.

Thank you Victor. We wish you the best for the Course.

You can find more information here:

Templar Corps draws on past experience

The Templar Corps International website (templarcorps.org) is the latest initiative promoted by the Order in association with the Templar Globe and a few partners around the world. Despite being new and based on technology, the Templar Corps is also firmly based on the very ancient idea of serving God by serving mankind. And service to others has been at the center stage of Templar activities in many countries. The Templar Corps today draws on past experience and a determined will to help the less fortunate.

Speaking of “center stage”, Portuguese musical duo Anjos (brothers Nelson and Sérgio Rosado), with a career spanning over 20 years of raving success, approached the Templar Corps searching for computers for the “Instituto dos Ferroviários do Sul e Sueste”, an organization that provides aid, food and education to over 65 children of railway workers. With COVID19, general classes had to be taken online and homework submitted and discussed using digital tools. Many children do not have computers at home.

The Templar Corps, together with the Service of the Hospitalar Officer Fr+ Miguel da Fabiana and Grand Feytor Fr+ Ricardo Salum, manged to obtain, in record time 6 computers, that were submitted to all the necessary testing and completed with appropriate software and hardware (monitors, mouse, cables, etc.) and later delivered to the institution in need in Barreiro, Portugal. The children were delighted to receive the computers. Their wonderful drawings were the best “thank you” notes we could aim for. “Thank you Angles for your offer”, could be read across the table.

Just two months before the Service of the Hospitalar Officer Fr+ Miguel da Fabiana and D+ Vera Lúcia took the Templar Corps on another mission: to find a used fridge for the “Dom Maior” Association. The Association was founded over 10 years ago, after the parents of a very young boy were informed by their doctor that the child had a fatal very rare and incurable disease and would die within months. They organized, pulled help from friends, family and strangers and kept on looking for a cure. The boy celebrated his 12th birthday this year! Eager to share their experience and passion, “Dom Maior” seeks help and resources to go even further.

After a few weeks of local fundraising, the Grand Priory of Portugal managed to buy and deliver a brand new fridge, with a better energy efficiency than the one requested. Pulling their efforts together, the Commandery of Lagos and the Commandery of Arraiolos packaged and delivered 60 children’s games that were highly appreciated and helped to contribute to a fun, balanced education.

The Templar Corps International aggregates these initiatives of good will from Templars all around the world. It doesn’t make sense that volunteers work in isolation and unknown to each other. The needs of children in “Don Maior”, the computers for Ferroviários and the altruism of the Anjos band (of brothers) is multiplied ONE THOUSAND TIMES if we share the resources, share the burden and share the love.

Serving God by serving mankind. That’s it, really.


Farewell, Janusz Korzeniowski

Janusz Korzeniowski (July 23, 1979 – July 1, 2020)
Templar Corps member.

For years, guests entering the Wilanów gardens passed a tent in which children, teenagers and adults were sitting, drawing letters in concentration. In the tent you could meet a man wearing a brown habit or a beautifully decorated old dress. He usually talked to visitors, and then wrote their names on pieces of paper in beautiful writing. Thousands of names from around the world. He wrote dedications to lovers, wishes for various occasions, thanks, diplomas, lists of dishes for culinary workshops. This is all that someone wanted to commemorate, make solemn, relevant. He greeted the walkers with Old Polish greeting and a nod, sweeping the palace courtyard with a huge hat. He always found time for each guest, wanted to exchange at least a few words with each …

He had a vision of a unique place – Scriptorium Villa Nova, a space arranged for calligraphic classes. He realized this vision – thanks to him, an unusual place of concentration and education was created. During several years of work, he personally built two printing presses, boxes, boxes for calligraphic materials, desktops, tables, benches for work, developed drawings for calligraphic exercises, but most of all infected with passion for the art of calligraphy.

He conducted numerous calligraphic workshops with audiences of all ages, taught how to lay hands, how to draw beautiful letters, encouraged perseverance. With the social passion and patience that characterize the best educators, he taught beautiful writing, while talking about respect for the heritage and value of science in human life. He intuitively knew how to reach everyone, and his willingness to share knowledge and skills, as well as the openness with which he greeted guests in the Scriptorium of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów, made him a model of a museum educator. A master of calligraphy who, by his own work, came to proficiency and craftsmanship. Calligraphy was his whole life and he was able to convey this passion to a large group of students and fans.

Janusz Korzeniowski left us on July 1, 2020. We will miss him very much, his enthusiasm, enthusiasm, serenity and willingness to help solve everyday and unusual difficulties.

We convey our condolences to the Family and Relatives.

Sorrowful employees and director
Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów,
classmates, pupils and pupils

Sometimes in the palace courtyard you could hear the school bell, finishing calligraphic workshops. However, we are not finished, and Janusz Korzeniowski’s students want to continue the program created with such passion by a calligraphy master. So we encourage everyone – write by hand, let the passion Janusz shared with us continues. Scriptorium Villa Nova will resume operations in the second half of July, we will continue to use materials and aids made by our late friend.

in wilanow-palac.pl

COVID19 Situation in Bolivia gets more complex

Bolivia exceeds 19,000 positive cases for Covid-19 and total deaths amount to 630

In the last 24 hours, more than 600 infections were registered, more than half of them in the department of Santa Cruz, the epicenter of the pandemic in the country.

The number of people infected in Bolivia by the new coronavirus has exceeded the 19,000 threshold on Monday, after registering more than 600 infections in a single day, more than half of them in the department of Santa Cruz, epicenter of the pandemic in the South American country.

The Bolivian Ministry of Health has confirmed 614 additional infections in 24 hours, which increases the provisional balance of positives to 19,073. In Santa Cruz alone, 317 more infected have been registered, up to a total of 11,741, evidencing an upward curve that worries the authorities.

The Defense Minister, Fernando López, announced after the meeting of the Departmental Emergency Operations Committee (COED) that a house-to-house search will begin this Tuesday in search of possible cases. It will be the “largest registry in Bolivia”, for which it has asked for the collaboration of everyone, from security forces to private companies to their own families, according to the Bolivian newspaper ‘La Razón’.

in Latercera.com

Stay strong brothers in Bolivia!

The image has the recommendations of the National Directory of Bolívia of the Templar Corps for those who have to be confined.