Exultate justi in domino – New Armaments in Chivalry in the Good Land of Alentejo

In preparation for the eve of Santiago and the commemoration of the Battle of Ourique, the OSMTHU’s Grand Priory of Portugal gathered in General Chapter in the good land of Alentejo, to welcome new brothers and sisters, receive the commitment of service from Squires and arm Knights who demand the Order. Current Covid19 restrictions prevented many of those who wished to join the work from doing so. However there was a very significant number in attendance, ensuring two days of very fruitful work, in peace, serenity and harmony. Until the end of the year, un the hope for improvements in sanitary conditions, the Order will provide the opportunity for those who were forced not to attend, to resume their journey without delay. Their absence was felt. As in previous years, we do not want to expose to the public ceremonies that are reserved and contain ritual procedures and moments of study and explanation rooted in the richest Tradition of Spiritual Chivalry, in many cases lost in the fog of collective memory and absent in the Templar inspired movements of the nowadays.
After a morning of remembrance of the precepts of Chivalry according to 13th century sources, in a study session led by the Preceptor of the Grand Priory, João Pedro Silva, KOTJ, there was a convivial lunch that allowed us to catch up on long-awaited conversations. since we had not met since the Ecumenical Journeys of Lagos in February 2020. Since then an intense work of online study has been developed in parallel with some initiatives already fixed in our annual Calendar, as was the case of the Conference on Templars and Templarism in October 2020 and the 2021 Ecumenical Journeys, both in a virtual environment. The afternoon began with the ritual opening of the National Chapter, during which postulants in the degree of Novice were received and a large group of Novices who had already completed their degree passed to Escudeiro. Some of the Knights present contributed to consolidating the knowledge acquired, promoting the necessary reflection for progress in the understanding of Chivalry. A meditation on the Emmaus Way and its meaning was especially poignant, and the afternoon was completed with a reading of traditional texts, including an oral tradition tale of Chivalry fixated in text in the 12th century in Gascony in France, that always leaves a special mark, in the memory of the Squires. The preparation work for the night vigil, essential for the armament ceremony, began at the end of Saturday afternoon, with the departure from the Convent in procession through the Alentejo countryside to a fountain where the traditional washings were carried out and the spirit was prepared for the long journey that was still ahead, as the ceremony takes place only on Sunday.
Rui Herdadinha, KCTJ, Commander of Arraiolos , was the kind host of a convivial snack that preceded the ascent to the Castle, a moment of interior silence that marks the end of the clear Alentejo day, with the disappearance of the sun, opening the night period during which, in the darkness and uncertainty of the black night, one proceeds to complete vigil, without abbreviation or subterfuge, in hope and anticipation of the desired dawn.
Little more can be added about what followed. The procession descended from the Castle to the Chapter, which resumed its work and proceeded to clarify many points about Chivalry and the Templars reserved only for the most diligent. In the morning, the armaments were carried out following the traditional Ritual, with the Order being enriched with 4 new Knights and 1 Dame. They are the Brothers Paulo Fernandes, KTJ; Virgílio Gomes, KTJ; Bruno Correia, KTJ; Miguel Pereira, KTJ; and Dame Joana Frade, DTJ. We congratulate them and wish that Chivalry, as a tree of firm trunk and roots, may become green again and bear fruit in them. The 6th Commandery of the Grand Priory of Portugal was also created, the new Commandery of Lisbon – Sait Cathrin Hill, with Brother Commander João Pedro Silva, KCTJ being invested. Brother João took his oath in the traditional way and will begin work immediately. Sunday’s work ended in a traditional way with the celebration of the Eucharist by the Grand Prior and Bishop Tau Flammula Veritatis.
The Grand Priory is deeply grateful to all the Brothers and Sisters who worked tirelessly to make the Chapter a success, within the strict health regulations in place at the moment in Portugal. Special mention should be made to Sister Susana Ferreira, DTJ; to Brother Fernando Silva, KTJ who irrepressibly performed the position of Master of Ceremonies; to Brother Filipe Simões, KTJ and to the Commanders Rui Herdadinha, KCTJ; Paulo Valente, KCTJ and Victor Varela Martins, KCTJ as well as all those who participated and contributed to another unforgettable chapter in the history of our Grand Priory. Thank you all.

Global Forum on Education Leads the Way Forward

The Templar Corps Global Forum of April was dedicated to Education as the 4th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations. A recording of the full session, subtitled in English, will be available shortly.

The event was coordinated by Vincenzo Tuccillo, Knight General Director of Bolívia and Cono Sur Countries. As keynote speakers the Forum had Prof. Rocco Romeo, of the G. Marconi University in Rome and L.I.E. Roger Errejon Alaniz, Coordinator of the Central Altiplano Zone of the Bachilleres College of the San Luis Potosi State of Mexico.

Prof. Rocco Romeo told the Forum about the challenges COVID19 and remote learning brought to Italy, where some regions still don’t have a robust internet connection, capable of withstanding the increased load in data exchange. He also explained how Piero Calamandrei, one of the fathers of the modern day Italian State considered Education so important that it should have a constitutional framework. Since the 1950’s, at east 8 years of schooling is guaranteed and scholarships are available to help the most needed. Prof. Rocco published on this subject and on the problems Italians face with the Digital Revolution in this sector.

L.I.E. Roger Errejon talked about his experience in rural Mexico, in regions where there is no internet and where schools are vital for the local economy. Indeed many children still depend on school meals for their daily food and a situation of confinement and the suspension of classes has impact on much more then learning and literacy. He also presented the Forum with a short study on the actions that should be taken to make Education more universal and balanced.

Overall it was a very inspiring Forum on one of the most fundamental topics that come under the interest of the Templar Corps. There were attendees from Bolivia, Chipre, Spain, Greece, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey and Venezuela.

The next Global Forum will take place on May 16 under the title “Countering Disinformation and Resolving Conflict”.

Please visit the list of current SUPPORTED AND AFFILIATED PROJECTS of the Templar Corps. A new project in the Educational sector will be presented within the next few weeks by Pierre Bertrand N’Gondi, representative of the Templar Globe in Cameroon.

Executive Head of the Templar Corps interviewed for History Channel Documentary

The production and filming of a new documentary on “The Civilization of Fear” for the History Channel is currently under way. This week the filming crew landed in Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal, where the Portuguese Hermetic Museum was a graceful host for a day long recording session.

The documentary explores the many faces of fear, how it influenced the development of civilization, how it has been used in social, political and religious manipulation and control, how it manifests in every day life and how the future and all the uncertainties of a distopic technological world dominated by algorithms and non-human “intelligence” may become a living nightmare.

Luis de Matos, Executive Head of the Templar Corps spoke about the element of fear in the Middle Ages and how Chivalry traditionally distinguishes between fear and awe, both important for the understanding of the Templars in their crusader context. Professionally linked to technology development, he also made a few remarks on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Web and how Social Media captures user’s attentions and turns it into a commodity.

Prof. Manuel J. Gandra, Director of the Portuguese Hermetic Museum and João Pestana Dias, Grand Master of the Portuguese Sovereign Grand Lodge were also interviewed and gave very insightful and provocative testimony on the theme.

The Templar Corps would like to acknowledge the essential role of member Francisco Mourão Corrêa in organizing the event.


Dover’s ancient Knights Templar Church ruins that aren’t all that they seem

Lying next to a main road in Dover, a stone’s throw from a residential street, is an interesting set of medieval ruins.

Known as the Knights Templar Church – by English Heritage and Google and pretty much everyone – they comprise flint and mortar remains in the shape of a rectangular chancel around 10 metres long.

It is believed to date back to the 12th century. But it’s not quite as it seems.

Despite its popular name, most experts seem dubious about its specific Knights Templar origins.

English Heritage describes the links to the famous order as “tenuous”.

The Knights Templar were a military and religious group founded in the 12th century during the Crusades, to protect pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land and to defend the holy places there.

Dover then would be a good location to do it from.

They became rich and powerful but increasingly unpopular, and were eventually suppressed in 1312.

Apparently, the form of the Western Heights ruins mirrors that of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, accounting for the link with the Templars.

But as English Heritage experts point out: “The port of Dover, the chief departure point for pilgrimages to the Holy Land, was an obvious place for the Templars to have held property.

“But they are believed to have left the town before 1185 and their links to this particular site are tenuous.

“An alternative interpretation suggests that the building was a wayside shrine on the Dover to Folkestone road.”

Experts also point to the site not being listed as belonging to the Order in surviving records.

The Dover area does have other strong links to the Knights Templar however.

They are believed to have established a church at Temple Ewell in 1170.

While only below ground ruins remain from their Preceptory, they are said to have founded St Peter and St Paul Church that stills stands in the village today.

Apparently evidence of the original Norman work can be seen in the north doorway and the high narrow window in the north wall of the nave.

Some suggest the Knights Templar may have used the Western Heights building before moving to Temple Ewell, but again an expert says it’s “more likely to have been a simple road-side shrine”.

Others say the shape, a smaller scale form of both the Jersualem church and the New Temple Church in London, indicate it may have had links to the Order’s supporters, even if it wasn’t a part of their formal estate.

Either way, it’s an intriguing thing to look at in a prominent location in Dover.

And with the Western Heights fortifications and nature reserve trail nearby, there is plenty of history – not to mention spectacular views – to take in too.

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Global Forum will discuss The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Education

Sunday, April 15th you should not miss the Global Forum. We will be discussing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Education.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection. More important than ever, the goals provide a critical framework for COVID-19 recovery.

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping  poverty. Over the past decade, major progress was made towards increasing access to education and school enrollment rates at all levels, particularly for girls. Nevertheless, about 260 million children were still out of school in 2018 — nearly one fifth of the global population in that age group. And more than half of all children and adolescents worldwide are not meeting minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics.

Keynote Speaker: L.I.E. Roger Errejon Alaniz, Coordinador de la Zona Centro Altiplano, de Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de San Luis Potosi, Republica Federal de Mexico.
Guest Speaker: Prof.Rocco Romeo, Universidad G. MARCONI, de Roma, Italia


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Fr+ William MacCallum, former Archivist of the Magisterial Council of the OSMTHU passes away

It’s with great sadness that we receive news of the passing of Fr+ Robert MacCallum of the Grand Priory of Australia. Fr+ MacCallum served as a member of the Magisterial Council as Archivist since 1999, under Master Fernando de Toro-Garland and later under Master Antonio Paris.

Fr+ Andrew Foster of Tasmania, Australia, says “William was taken into a nursing home in about August/September last year he started out with early signs of Alzhiemers Disease. He suffered a number of falls causing his condition to slowly worsen. Late September early October he was rushed to hospital and was diagnosed with cancer.”

For many years Fr+ MacCallum has been one of the most respected and beloved members of the Order internationally. His contribution to the compilation of the early Statutes and Bylaws of the OSMTHU was fundamental. His absence will be missed by all. Our prayers go to Sr. Anne, family, friends and brethren in Australia.

Global Forum will discuss poverty in South America with invited speaker from the Red Cross

Sunday, March 21st you should not miss the Global Forum. We will be discussing poverty in South America and ways to help those in need. The keynote speaker will be the Templar Globe Director Vincenzo Tuccillo and the invited guest will be Dr Reynaldo Ayala, President of the La Paz Departmental Red Cross, Bolivia.

The Global Forum is a global online Conference with exclusive access to active members of the Templar Corps. Some of the most relevant current topics are discussed, with a special focus on the leading projects carried out across the world. It’s a great opportunity to bring your own questions and comments the growing network of the TCI.

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H.E. Vincenzo Tucillo, Knight General, Director of Bolivia

Dr Reynaldo Ayala, Presidente Cruz Roja Departamental de La Paz Bolivia

It’s time to act

Dear brother knights and sister dames,

We say it constantly, when full of regret we declare: “If only we had been there, when our brothers were taken to the stake to be burned”; If only we had had enough of a role to play, when justice was hijacked in the corrupt court of Philip the Fair!”; If only we could go back. That is admirable of us, yes; yet have we turned our eyes to the present day? Have we taken a good look around and recognized all the suffering that surrounds us, here, right now? Here, in our world and our time, at this very moment? What are we going to do about it?

The easiest thing is to spend our time creating and analysing protocols, resolving disputes and denouncing the actions of others. All the while we should be taking action.

Yes! It’s convenient to dedicate our time to read and appreciate our history, know more about Jacques de Molay, Hugues du Payens and the first Templars. For us are the first humanitarian soldiers.  Why is it, then, not important to fulfil and enrich this story with concrete positive action on our part, today? Oh yes! We must do it because it is the legacy we claim and must live by. It has always been our duty, our mission and our struggle. Our clear role is to protect men from evil and keep the unprotected safe from all suffering. In these times of great need that we live, times filled with war, strife, famine and disease along with every other man and woman, it is an absolute necessity.

Now is the time to act in response, otherwise why would we want to unite in the Templar Corps International, or indeed in any branch of the Templar Order? We civilians, soldiers, humanitarian workers, police officers, gendarmes, teachers, medical personnel, bankers, politicians etc, All of us! In my humble opinion, this is not a figurative mandate: it is a call on our conscience to undertake concrete action. It is time to act, because time cannot be turned back my dear brothers and sisters. No other opportunity will be offered to us again, an opportunity clear as this one! The opportunity to make this world a better place; to share our joy for living, to share a smile, to spread hope and celebrating life and the lives around us. It is time to undertake tangible actions.

My brothers and sisters, by our standing idly by as witnesses and through our silence and inaction, we are will become the unwilling accomplices of those who rejoice in the suffering of others. The silence, inertia and the passivity, that we often fall prey to, is the reason why Nogaret and Philip the Fair are back in the world. Who exactly are they today? Let me tell you. Philipe the Fair’s dark shadow reappears whenever we refuse to use our gifts and abilities to change things within our reach, by choosing to ignore injustices and afflictions because of our pride. Sometimes I feel that our fate is to let accomplishments slip through our fingers because of overly formal commitments to different branches of the Order, their different Grand Masters and Regents, and differing ways that set us apart from each other. Instead we should be choosing to act as a united force and a common goal: to act together as one in the service of all humanity. Today Nogaret is the indifference with which we live alongside the misfortunes of others, the way we allow poverty and hunger to grow around us by not lifting a finger except for our social media postings of how outraged we feel or by just remaining utterly indifferent. Yet all the while we are endowed with powers of multiple abilities and capabilities.

The truth is that medieval Templar soldiers, Master Jacques de Molay and many martyrs gave their lives in defence of immortal values. Still today, men of arms, doctors, journalists, researchers, fireman, social workers, missionaries and volunteers give their lives every day in service to these very same immortal values through their actions and by their principles.

Not much is asked of us, as it is enough just to share some relevant posting of a brother or sister on social media, helping to continue this immemorial work and the spread of light is our duty. It is more than enough to give a portion of one’s time and energy to the service of others. Three hours every week at a food bank, one hour helping the local charity, or even a symbolic material donation are ways we act and continue the Templar legacy in the reality of our service. Perhaps,  action is what may re-pay the sacrifice of all our fallen knights of the past. A single act of support of any kind represents the opportunity to strengthen honour and emphasize the code of Chivalry.

Is that what we are doing?

We should be able to answer the following questions without feeling any shame or regret: what role do we play in our groups, in our surroundings, in our communities? How are we carrying out our mission? Is there anything we can do ourselves?

It’s time to act. Let us unite our forces around common projects and banish any dissent that seeks to divide us and is preventing us from fulfilling our duties to ourselves and humanity. Let’s stop being mere spectators. Let’s actively support each other in a concrete way by our contribution of any kind to the project. Let’s give our talent, share our professional occupations and social capabilities and drawing on our standing in society. Every piece is just as important and necessary as every other piece. Let’s focus together.

IT’S TIME TO ACT, let’s take Action together

Pierre Bertrand NGONDI
Templar Corps Cameroon
OSMTJ – Hastier

Antonio Paris, Chairman of the Templar Corps International suffers a heart attack

Last Monday our Dear Brother Grand Master of the OSMTHU and Chairman of the Templar Corps International Fr. Antonio Paris has suffered a heart attack. This Wednesday he was submitted to heart surgery for a by-pass.
Please let us all pray for his fast and complete recovery.
Chaplain of the OSMTHU Fr+ Luis Fonseca, Mons. Christophorus de Lusignan, guides us in prayer:
Oremus pro Magister nostro Antonio.
Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum.
Pater noster, qui es in cælis
Sanctificétur nomen tuum
Advéniat regnum tuum
Fiat volúntas tua
Sicut in cælo, et in terra
Panem nostrum quotidiánum da nobis hódie
Et dimítte nobis débita nostra
Sicut et nos dimíttimus debitóribus nostris
Et ne nos indúcas in tentatiónem
Sed líbera nos a malo
Deus, omnium fidelium pastor et rector, famulum tuum Antonio quem Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani tuae praeesse voluisti, propitius respice: da ei, quaesumus, salutem et celeri melioramentis. Per Christum, Dominum nostrum. Amen.

UNICEF, WHO Release State Of The World’s Sanitation Report Nov 19, 2020

The world is alarmingly off-track in delivering sanitation for all by 2030, according to the State of the World’s Sanitation report, released on this year’s World Toilet Day by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). Despite progress over the past two decades, toilets at home, workplaces, schools, and hospitals are still far out-of-reach for billions of people. Over half of the world’s population — 4.2 billion people — use sanitation services that leave human waste untreated, and among those, 2 billion people still lack even a basic toilet and 673 million people have no toilets at all.