OSMTHU joins the Order of the Dragon in celebrating Templar History in Croatia

On the summer solstice of 2023, the Templar Order (Grand Priory of Croatia O.S.M.T.H.U.) and “Fratres Draconic Croatici” joined forces in Zagreb to propagate knowledge of the modern Templar Order and its history.

“Fratres Draconis Croatici” society is a legal successor of the “Order of the Dragon” from 15th century and actively works in Zagreb ever since 16th of  November 1905.

Lecture was hosted in Fratres Draconis Croatici headquarters at the Stone Gate, historical place in the very center of Zagreb and moderated by Božo Skoko PhD, a full professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb.

The guests were Grand Prior of Croatia Lovro Tomašinec, Marija Karbić PhD – scientific advisor at the Croatian Institute of History and Damir Karbić  – manager of the Departmant of Historical Sciences of HAZU.

History experts Marija and Damir Karbić PhD gave an extensive lecture about history of Templars in Croatia and their influence on Croatian soil, which formerly was a Templar province of Hungaria.

Grand Prior Lovro Tomašinec continued the lecture elaborating the circumstances that led to the fall of Templar Order, their survival in different organisations after “the fall” and finally the rise of a modern Templar Order founded by Fabre-Palaprat in 1804.

This significant cooperation in form of a lecture between two chivalry Orders with extensive and prestigious history, shows us that there is still a need within society to preserve knowledge and valuable teachings of history, carry them on and cherish the values they intend to perpetuate.

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