Powder Milk Bank in São Tomé e Príncipe and Betânia House

We would like to share the following message from Frei Fernando ventura o behalf of the Powder Milk Bank of São Tomé e Principe, a work that we support.

Economic situation of Banco de Leite de STP and Casa Betânia on Ilha do Príncipe

Betânia House – 174,000 euros to go
Banco de Leite (in cash) – 5,827.27 Euros (lasts for almost 2 months)

Associação Amparo da Criança / Banco de Leite
NIB: 0036 0095 9910 0069 939 53

The times we live in is full of difficulties. Unfortunately, it tends to get worse. If all the good promises made to Casa Betânia had been fulfilled … it would have been in operation for a long time.

The promises of the poor have never been lacking, so we continue, with the certainty that Casa Betânia will be a reality and that we will be able to continue to supply milk and food as we have hitherto, in a total of close to 25 tons per year. Each month there are 1200 kg of powdered milk for a total of 3,060 euros.

Our thanks to everyone.

For detailed information: geral@bancodeleite.pt

When donating, we appreciate the favor of specifying whether it’s destined for Banco de Leite or Casa Betânia by email geral@bancodeleite.pt

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